Guide For Cheap Road Bikes

Are you looking for cheap road bikes that won’t break the bank and yet serve the purpose you want a road bike for ? Are you confused and frustrated by all the brands, models and options available and just need an entry level bike without all the technical babble?

Biking On The Brain Clip ArtShopping online for a bicycle can be a minefield, overwhelming you with bicycles available but leaving you wondering which is the right 2 wheeler for you.
This blog was designed to help you with those exact issues and queries.

I’m a biking fanatic… not that I professionally ride a bike but I am VERY picky about the type of bike I ride. What that means for you is I take riding on the roads seriously and understand that a solid and reliable bike is something that is meant to be fully enjoyed and perhaps a tool to get from A to B – a poor quality road bike can mean a poor riding quality lead to less  excitements.

I have put this blog together to ensure that you get the information you need to ensure you are able to make the best decision when shopping for the best road bikes – enabling you to get the most out of your purchase and gain great value of your money.

Whilst looking for “various type and model that available on the market, you may have stumbled across a favorite of mine and it’s a brand that is usually associated with the more expensive bikes available for on the road use … it’s a “Schwinn Road Bike” and in particular, the Schwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike (700c Wheels) model.

veloprint-1These models are great options and are real value for money for a lot of people and here are some details that will help you decide if this type is the way forward for you. First you need to understand that there is no one size when it comes to Single Speed Bicycles, they are usually designed to be sporty and for speed road biking – if you have the need for speed, this is definitely a sporty and fast freewheel model and really stands out in its class.

Whilst being a good entry level, this 2 wheeler is light, solid and a FANTASTIC price and after riding round on a big mountain bike for the last couple of years, this bicycle is FAST and it really looks the part too.

The Schwinn is a GREAT name in the biking world and it comes with the following features;

1. Light | Sporty & Fast Freewheel Road Bike
2. Aluminium Single Speed Road Frame (With Steel Road Fork)
3. Freewheel 16 T Single Speed Drive-Train
4. Front & Rear Caliper Brakes
5. High Profile 36 Hole Color Matched Rims
6. 700c Wheels

If you are looking for cheap road bikes that have these features PLUS a great price… then I urge you to check out the Schwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed Road Bike (700c Wheels).

This is truly my favorite fast cycle and in my humble opinion, I reckon it’s the best in class … and because it’s a Schwinn, you know it will provide years of reliable and efficient service.

The only drawback if you can call it that is that it isn’t a full carbon fiber but there again, you wouldn’t get one of those for this sort of money.

Riding Bikes To Work

Riding a bike brings in a lot of benefits like better health, weight loss, a more muscular body and the pleasure of being in the open air. When you ride a bike to work, you are in addition getting rid of the problems of commuting or being stuck in traffic.

Problems in Biking to Work

One of the main problems in taking a bike to work, is the need to find the right parking spots for it. Many offices in large cities have taken note of this and allowed their staff to park such bikes in basements or other areas. Svg Road Signs 24 Clip Art

The use of main roads while travelling on a bike is also fraught with danger, due to it being a much slower mode of transport than the other vehicles that dot these roads. Many city planners are trying to address this problem by having lanes meant only for cyclists. But, unless this becomes more widespread than it is at present, the dangers of using a bike to work will continue for its riders. In fact, a city in the United States has started construction of a tunnel beneath the main avenue, that will be restricted to bikers only.

 Advantages in Biking

While the advantages in using a bike to work are manifest in improved health, there are others that can be equally apparent. It is easier to thread a bike through the most difficult of traffic jams and avoid such stoppages. You can be sure of being at the red light location without waiting for traffic ahead to move. Parking space is also not much of a problem as bikes need almost next to no space.

Bike Sign Clip ArtAn obvious advantage is huge savings in costs required to fuel a vehicle that can cause quite a dent in the pocketbook. The capital costs for a bike are far lower than an automobile, while maintenance and insurance costs are negligible. A greater uses of bikes for going to work can greatly help to reduce traffic on streets. This in turn can reduce pollution and lead to better health in general for city dwellers.

There are cities in Europe which have managed to persuade more than fifty percent of their office goers to use bikes to work. Such cities have also instituted facilities for parking of bikes and also means of conveniently hiring bikes, with facilities to pick up a bike and return it similar to the ones that most car rental agencies have in place.